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Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition in Gastroenterology

Good nutrition is essential for everyone. For those in hospital recovering from illness or surgery, there is now a wide body of evidence to show that early nutritional intervention can alter the disease course, reduce length of hospital stay and speed up recovery.

Many outpatients with gastrointestinal, hepatic or nutrition related conditions respond well to various types of dietary therapy. The department of clinical nutrition at The Princess Grace Hospital consists of a multidisciplinary team (gastroenterologist, dietitian, gastroenterology specialist nurse) providing extensive diagnostic and treatment services both in the hospital and on an outpatient basis.

All patients will be clinically and nutritionally assessed. Then a nutritional treatment plan will be devised, implemented and followed up and reassessed on a regular basis.

To book an appointment with a dietitian, please contact us on 020 7034 5093.